I hope everyone has been making the most of the summer weather, and tactfully ignoring the few random days of winter that we've had. Did you all ask santa for a bike for Christmas? Or, if you already have a bike did you ask for a Bedazzler? (because bikes and bedazzlers together are like old school chums)

I'm here to provide you with a second dose of summer cycling inspiration in the form of one of my all-time favourite people of all time, Uschi Obermaier.



Oh my, what a babe! Here's a quick background for you... Throughout the 60's and 70's Uschi was a model, actress, groupie, musician, sex-symbol, activist, she lived in a hippie commune, she was one of the first women to appear nude on the cover of a magazine, and she traveled through Eurasia, the Middle East, and India in an RV. She has "retired" to become a jewellery designer in New Mexico.

She also had a bike:


Release your inner Obermaier and enjoy the holidays, seasons greetings, merry chrismakwanzaahanukka and all that. Make sure you cycle down to the harbour/bay/beach closest to you to check out the new years fireworks. Party on, my hippie friends...


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