Bespoke City - A night of whimsy celebrating the bicycle!

It's been a long cold winter, but Spring is finally here.  What better way to celebrate then to join the city in a celebration of cycling.  The Bespoke City - Bike Festival is on this Friday the 2nd of October at UNSW  Art & Design (cnr Oxford St & Greens Rd) Paddington.  There is going to be so many cool activities to get involved in, bringing art and the bicycle together.  Check out the full list of events by clicking on the link below.

We will be there!  You can join us in making yarn bombs for the Bourke Street Cycleway... Bring in a ready made piece (any size, shape, design) or join us on the night to add something there.  You can crochet, knit something to add.  If you are not that crafty, you can sew a word on or make a suggestion to add or just come and have a chat, a look and share the bike love.

Join us, Facebook event page here:https://www.facebook.com/events/453196291519303/

We look forward to seeing you there.  Check out the links below for more information about this great eventt


Hello Strangers!

It has been too long since we blogged.  J-Bot has been a busy busy girl of late and her lovely designs are about to be showcased in this years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week!! Exciting times...

New York Babushka by Jai Saunders

You can find out more about Jai's collection here and here.

S-boy has been working on an independent documentary called "Killing Off the Beat".  Follow this journey here.   Here is a brief outline of the film...

Forensic, detailed and literary in the style of Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, ‘Killing Off The Beat’ will follow moves to unravel and shed further light on a dark part of Sydney’s recent history that likely saw close to 100 men fall prey to ‘gay-hate killings’ – many of which were not properly investigated by police at the time despite links between a large number of the incidents.

Spanning a period between the first Mardi Gras in 1978 to the present day, the film will focus on a number of key threads as community and political pressure continues to grow for a Royal Commission or another independent high-level body to look at the historical ‘gay-hate killings’, while compelling current-day cases of alleged police brutality will suggest an uneasy relationship continues to exist between the LGBTI community and NSW Police to this day.

I on the other hand, have been bikeling through life as usual... A nice job change but still on a bike friendly route sees me cycling to work each day.   I am amazed by the reaction when people at my new workplace found out that I cycle to work.  It is a mixture of awe, wonder and why and how.  Once I explain that it just takes a few good purchases (waterproof bag, jelly shoes - for rain, lights for night and a basket for your stuff), they seem to be more open to it.  Although it does make me think about why we are so scared to get a bit wet by rain on the odd occasion.  

So thats about it for me at the moment, although I did recently purchase a second-hand go pro camera which I am going to pop on my bike.  I thought I would film my ride to work and take you all on the ride with me.

Won't be so long till next time xx