The Stylish Mums of Cycling!

I am paying homage to some stylish Mums I know who make bikeling part of their lives, despite being busy parents and they do it with flair! In fact I think we should coin the term SMOBs (Stylish Moms on Bikes). Here are a few lovely ladies that we know...

Miss Saskia from Sydney Cycle Chic

Miss Sonja - always elegant and lovely

Miss Chem - Street savy style

In the true spirit of Cycle Chic, these ladies are stylish on or off their bikes.  Its riding in what you wear, not dressing to ride. 


The perfect name..

The year of 2011 has been interesting for the Feather Brigade so far. Nearly every event we have organised has been rained out. Strangely this phenomenon only seems to affect our picnics. So we need a sunshine-filled day, just one, to fulfill the desire for bike hangs, park antics, photo pranks and all other types of mischief.

So when J-bot, S-boy and I recently adopted a rescue kitten, what else could we name her but... Picnic Jeeves.

So we will be organizing a Picnic in the next few weeks... So what do you need to get ready? To help us break the curse? Just one thing...

A Picnic basket!

Awww but when you have such a cute kitten, how can you leave her behind?? Well, we haven't been attending bike events while she settles in. But Picnic loves baskets and with a bit more harness practise and a lot of build up, may just be a bicycle-riding cat hero (*please note that this will be strictly up to Picnic Jeeves). She has just the right palate for it too, disregarding all the usual cat treats preferring Brie cheese and prosciutto, both picnic staples!

Pish tosh xx Oh and In being the nutters we are,of course Picnic Jeeves has her own Facebook page. Like her here... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Picnic-Jeeves/229616970428153