Come Ride with Us!

Come with us for a ride in our hood.  This is the Glebe Foreshore Bike Path, with new and improved paths and lighting thanks to the City Of Sydney using taxpayer's dollars wisely.  Enjoy!


Happy Velo Day!

So, chances are if you are looking at our blog for the first time today it's because we harassed you on a street corner this morning.  Happy Valentine/Velo Day!  And congratulations on using Google so successfully!  We love bikes so as has become our tradition, Valentine's Day is when we share the love.

Friends, you were given a choice this morning... The bookmark or the chocolate?  If you chose bookmark read on below.  If you chose chocolate scroll down a bit further for your part.

Bookmark friends!  We need your help!

On the back of your bookmark you will see a pretty cool quote we found online regarding books and bicycles, but we could not find any additional information on Peter Golkin.  Why is this guy famous?  Why is his quote so popular yet no background information on who the BELL is Peter?  This is really bad, I mean what if we have quoted some awful historical figure or some bigoted politician?  We need your help... The first person to leave a comment that unveils the true identity of Peter Golkin wins a box of...

Yup, roses chocolates.  Because we will want to "Thank you very much for answering our question, thank you very much, very very very much" (sing it, you know the song).

Chocolate Friends!

As for our chocolate-choosing friends, some Valentine's eye candy to keep your sugar high going!
This is not a pic pinched off the web but literally the first bike-related picture I took in Paris, the city of love...

                           photo DSC05533.jpg

May you always have a lasting romance with the bicycle too!