Just look!

Cruising into town the other week for the Sydney Festival and I rode up behind this guy!  Check out his cute pommeranian dog hanging out, totally chilled (IN A BABY SLING).  So so awesome!  I also love the bike and accessories (look at the number plate and cool mirror)...

S-boy has captured a this photo on Bourke Street Cycleway on his way to work.  Puppy backpack!  Just a bit of imagination and no doubt some training and love, and you and your pet could be on a bikeling adventure...


Do you have a pet that travels with you on a bike?  We would love to see a pic!  Send any photos to featherbrigade@gmail.com.

Pish Tosh xx


A Bike-riding Picnic Adventure!!

Our growing kitten, Picnic Jeeves, is now almost 5 months old, happy and healthy... So I think it's time to start bike training! We have taken her around the carpark on the bike before and she had no issues with it, so it's time to give it a serious go. I looked on the net (always a valuable but somewhat dubious source of info) for encouragement and thought I would share the findings with you. 

Picnic Jeeves has been playing in our bike baskets since we brought her home.

Look how chilled this cat is.


 Best use of a helmet ever!

Ummm, not like this...

 Just had to put this one up!

Postman Pat and his black and white cat!

So we tried it.  Picnic Jeeves is happy to chill out in any basket so we had no problems settling her in.  She also loves going for walks on the harness so was happy to be strapped in, snuggly on top of her blanket.  If she was to meow or be distressed in anyway we would not be continuing.  But again our little cat surprised us.  She peered out with her big eyes, and took it all in. 

She even started to play!  So we headed out onto the street (very quiet streets - no cars) and pedalled slowly around.  Picnic Jeeves liked it, she looked around, checking out noises and was comfy and content.  

What a superstar cat!!  And we are totally amazed that she likes bike riding too!!

A bike-riding Picnic!!

Pish tosh xx


Yeah Girl (c.1890)

I can't help but steal this from a funny little web comic which I highly recommend everyone wasting an hour or so browsing, Hark, A Vagrant


As the author/artist/creator Kate Beaton puts it, in her commentary "The greatest thing about the invention of the bicycle and ladies starting to ride them is: everything. The clothes! The bikes! The attitude! But perhaps especially: the scads of satirical cartoons made at the time that were supposed to make women look shocking and inappropriate but just makes them look super stylish and badass instead."

And how!

I want in on some of that Mutton-Sleeve action!