Beautify your bike.... OR ELSE!

Last night we attended the lovely Bike Sydney Christmas party but with wickedly evil plan. To secretly decorate the 'serious' bikes of Sydney.

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(Miss J-bot, Miss R-bee, Miss K-star, Miss M-belle)

After all who can get mad at a quirky cyclist with a flower protruding from their 'serious' bike? So not only were we beautifying, we were providing a serious community service... one that could potentially save lives (stretch your imaginations here).

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Were you there? Did you deflower your bike? Ewww (not in a kinky way) but did you? Or did you leave your flower on and ride home with a smile and a little Christmas cheer?

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(After all a flower on your bike is like a cuddle from a crocheted monkey!)
xx Milky Joe xx

Pish Tosh xx


Elaena said...

Wonderous! It was fabulous leaving the pub and finding our bikes beflowered. Thank you - it made my evening.

J-bot said...

We aim to please... and bedazzle! xoxo