Bike Humour!

(Found on page #239 of the Sears 1974 Fall/Winter catalog)

A little while ago, we went for our first ride along the bay run in Sydney's Inner West. We hadn't got very far when we discovered an abandoned excercise bike (from the 70's) en route. Why? Was it a political statement about bike paths? Was it bike advocacy at its finest? Or was it a statement about the culture of Sydney cyclists battling to get from A to B?
For me, I like to think of it as an accidental art installation... one that encourages the ordinary citizen to take a ride and to point out the fruitlessness of going nowhere in the rat race of life. So trade in that calorie-burner-corner-furniture... and get something that moves when you do.

(Music by Euros Childs)

Pish Tosh xx

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Anonymous said...

I'm diggin' the fun this guy is havin'...