Look what I found today!

I found this photo today in a dusty storeroom, in a suitcase, while looking for last years tax return. Not fun but oh my god.. LOOK AT MY BIKE! I had tassels.. I had the coolest bike ever...!!
And I had forgotten all about it. Forgot how much I had loved riding it, forgot what the bike looked like. Forgot because we grow up and things like tax returns become more important than the simple things.. Like riding a bike on a summer's day on freshly mowed lawn.

So if you are reading this.. dig up your old photos of you on your first bikes, and share the nostalgia with us. We would love to blog them. And if you haven't been on a bike in a while why not have another go...borrow a friends and try it out at the park or if in Sydney join us and Sydney Cycle Chic on Cockatoo Island for an event this Sunday.

It could be something good that you had just forgotten about...

Pish tosh xx

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