Safety... its about more than helmets! And it involves monkeys...

Tis the season for road craziness, heavy traffic and dangerous driving. Hence we are posting our Christmas safety reminder to all you stylish cyclists out there...

Stan and Trigly

Find out what happens to these little monkeys who forget their road safety in the following educational video from the 1950's

(What! No helmets??)

So be a doll... be safe. Whether you are a Betty-Lou-May doll or more of an Ebony Lolita type. Watch out for the primates on the road, sitting in their cars frazzled by their day of shopping and distracted by their offspring fighting in the back seat. But by all means smile as you bypass the traffic jams and car park lines.


We would like to see you safe in the New Year
feathers and all xx

Pish Tosh xx

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