xx Bike Love xx

Boy, bike, out for a ride... meets girl, bike, out for a ride... And they live happily ever after? Or a least go on date? Well thats the dream..

(Photo courtsey of www.corbisimages.com)

Due to the unlikely nature of this happening in Sydney, ie; the lack of general bravery amongst the menfolk that dwell there. We have created the following activity to help you live out this dream.

Using photoshop simply copy the pictures below and insert your own picture and that of your crush and what do you have... Bike Love!

Bike Love is love with bicycles involved (not in a kinky way unless you are into that, which is fine but still not what I am talking about).




This blog is a tribute to the three gorgeous single girls hitting the Bicycle Film Festival on their bikes looking for a cute boy-with-bike snog! xxx

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