The Craft of Cycling!


Did you stop to smell the artificial flowers on your bikes today? We did. We would love to have real ones growing from our bike (J-bot is determined to make this happen...) but we are making do people, making do. Because my head hurts from crafty ideas and I am ready to do a complete bike overhaul I feel the need to document our creative explosions so far...

J-bot's bike came beautifully painted. It is the dream bike of choice for little girls so what could be more appropriate than a small scary doll looking on in amazement?


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Now with added leaves from Tokyo bike and the flowers and feathers streaming from her basket and back rack as shown above... Florence is definitely in her element!

Hildegarde on the other hand is about to get an overhaul, so I thought a documentation of things added up to now was necessary before I rip things off and try out new things!


A bell and butt-bears are always essential elements to bike craziness so they will be staying. And Hildegarde is a rather wicked bike so the Witch will remain in her pride of place, leading the way!

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I am feeling torn over this... but its time for the crocheted skirtguard to retire. I am happy with it, but as with all craft explosions another idea needs to take its place. Mysterious as this sounds of course I will be posting the results up as soon as its done!

In the meantime I am going to leave you with a few other of our favourite things... all weird, whimsical and wonderful!

Never tire of bike shadows, and picnics. Our friend Milky Joe is soaking up the sun with our other favourite basket addition.. beautiful parasols.

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Spokey dokes and freshly painted nails...

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Ice cream vans and weird men taking arty photos...

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Dinosaur birds and puppies riding in bikes. I repeat puppies riding in bikes!!

Pish tosh people xx


christina said...

you girls are very crafty and hilarious! good work, you guys certainly get a ding ding from me.

Susan said...

Here at Rocket Fuel we love a bit of crafty D.I.Y and we've added a D.I.Y Tuesday segment to our blog.


So each and every Tuesday a little bit of craftiness to make for you or your bicycle.