Picnic Aware!

Look at this picture. A lovely couple out for a picnic. The joint carrying of picnic basket suggests they are happy, content in their twosomeness, BUT... who packed the picnic basket? Who? And did they bring everything required? Was there a happy outcome or a mess of sticky fingers, dry thirsty mouths and a sinking feeling that the picnic was left wanting.

This leads us to the term "Picnic Aware". I think we can all agree that a bit of forethought when attending a picnic can make or break said event. This term was coined by my boyfriend after his string of picnic failures in which he thought attending a picnic meant just rocking up (even when you are the one meant to be bringing the required items).

(said boyfriend)

(said epiphany)


(said ephiphany still in progress)


So how do you make your man picnic aware? Who knows but if like my boyfriend they have an epiphany, record the event to promote it. Who knows maybe someone else will become "Picnic Aware" just from reading this blog.


Note* The term "Picnic Aware" should not be confused with the term "Picnic Awareness". Knowing a picnic is on is not the same as being "Picnic Aware".

Pish tosh xx


Anonymous said...

Simply because I was there, this was the picnic to end all bike picnics.

K-star said...

Oh really... You mean you expected me to be "boyfriend aware"? Ooops!