Why Lycra shall remain forever b-grade!

I am making a bold statement with a blog heading like the above, but I am standing firmly by it for two reasons.

1) The pictures below;

Unflattering bulges...

Photo sourced from rootsimple.com
Hungry bum syndrome...

Camel toe issues...

Photo found at a forum website.

What about a designer take on cycling lycra? Still ugly!

Pic from lutsdream.

Well then how about a wardrobe staple like denim in lycra form..? Still NO!


2) Lycra cyclists rarely seem to smile whilst cycling making them look grim and a bit like a cyborg...

In fact in my mind they closely resemble T1000.

Still I persisted, in the vain hopes of finding some sort of lycra cycle wear that looked good. I looked very hard but this was the best I could find. Rainbow gloves - great for hand signals!


I think I will stick to lycra in my swimsuits only. If you can find a better pic, we would love to see it!

Pish Tosh xx

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