Bikeling to Work!

I have recently started a new job and this week has been my first week of commuting there on my bike. I used to ride to my old job but considering it was in the same suburb that I live in, it was hardly long enough to be classed as commuting. My new job is 8.6 km each way and takes me around 40 min to do. It's quite a scenic and pretty ride at times so I thought I would post up a few pics of what I see along the way...

Sydney Uni



Bourke Street, Waterloo

Bridge to nowhere and everywhere.

Through one park...

And then another.

Lycra in the park still seems wrong.

Here I am bike commuter!!

Just gorgeous... sigh

Aaah Centennial Park... so nice to cruise through!

Morning coffee at Randwick.

So as you may have seen in the picture, I wear a helmet to work. Why..? Well, J-bot and I are quite anti-helmet orientated, but I have made the decision to wear one on the ride to work for two reasons and both have nothing to do with safety. Number one: I don't want to be harassed by cops on my way or looking out for them when I should be concentrating on the road. Number two: ditto for the rangers in Centennial Park who are worse then the police, and who puff themselves full of importance and lecture you endlessly while giving you the fine. I go through the park every day I work, so I really don't want to be paying through the nose for the no-helmet privilege!

So when I found out about the Punk Commute - anti-helmet protest. I say count me in. Helmets blah! I work as a Nanny but I don't want to live in a nanny state, thank you.

I like my commute... I don't like helmets or potholes but that's ok, they don't like me either.

Pish tosh xx

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