All Cycles Eve


There's only one week left to sort out your costumes for HalloWheel, our bike riding, fancy dress, picnic extravaganza! After being heartbroken that Sydney Cycle Chic's picnic was rained out today we're praying extra hard to the rain gods to provide us with a sunny day... or, at the very least a dry day (surely we can't have two miserable Sundays in a row, right?)

If you would like to roll with us, we're meeting on Pyrmont Bridge- opposite the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel- at 12:00 (31st Oct, duh... do i need to tell you all that?). The plan is to take a nice slow tour of Pyrmont waterfront, duck around to the Glebe waterfront paths and set up our camp/picnic/love-in at Jubilee Park in Glebe. If you don't have wheels feel free to join us at the park, from about 1:30.

Bring food, drinks, friends, lovers... anything else you can think of. Picnic games will earn you brownie points (and probably brownies too...)

K-star has been crocheting like a woman possessed and has made little stuffed monsters to hand out as prizes for costumes. If you're having trouble with costume ideas I thought I'd offer some inspiration. This one is fairly easy, and a bit of a classic, here's two versions of a 'spooky' ghost:

Photobucket Photobucket

You'll only need a white bed sheet with some holes cut out of it and some 'adorable' patches sewn on. Alternatively just come shirtless with clay-caked hands, easy! If you come as a shirtless Patrick Swayze I guarantee you will get a little crocheted monster. Shirtless or not, whatever costume you come in, we'll be your best friends forever!

RSVP on our facebook event page here... all the cool kids are doing it.


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