Ride to... Work?

This Wednesday just past was the annual bike extravaganza that is Ride to Work day. Everyone with a bike hanging out in a dusty shed, all those people who reserve their two wheeled adventures to the weekends were encouraged to hop on their bikes and support the idea of cycling as a part of everyday life. There were markets and physiotherapists and bike tune-ups on offer if you made it to Union Square in Pyrmont or Hyde Park in the morning...

I was super excited about the prospect of hanging out with like minded bike peeps, but isn't it just typical that Wednesday was the one day-off I get this week (and I make a point to not be up before 10am on my days off... or at least, that's how it usually works out).

So my slovenly ways meant i missed out on the bike action, boo me. Check out Sydney Cycle Chic's write up of the event. Our dear Saskia, always casting a stylish eye over two wheeled events, spotted some tres chic cyclists amidst all the lycra.

I did manage to make my way into the city, at a fashionably late mid-afternoon time, to sit in the park, eat onigiri, and knit in the sunshine. i had all of my new favourite things with me- fantastic hippie bag via Vinnies (thank you K-star), funkis clogs, and bamboo needles.


Another thing I am excited about, and not planning to miss, are the Night Noodle Markets. I encourage all stylish cyclists to head into Hyde Park for a twilight bike ride this weekend and get your noodle on! Thanks to daylight savings magically granting us an extra hour of precious sunlight, right now the city at night is fantastic!

One of the things I love most about this time of year is the slow emergence of events in the city as we gear up for full on summer festival season.

Speaking of summer... CLOGS! Can you even get enough? The correct answer is no.




christina said...

oh summer! sf is in it's indian summer season now. and it's so hot it makes biking a sauna.

it always seems that some of the most exciting bike to work events happen when i'm already at work. but at least you celebrate it everyday in lifestyle, good on you girl. and btw, i'm loving the blog.

saskia said...

are those new clogs missy ?
just purchased a red pair myself and hopefully have some nice funkis clog news coming our way soon....

thanks for the lovely write up :-)

lauracarey said...

im in love with your clogs!

J-bot said...

CGR, an indian summer sounds great right about now! Sydney is in the grip of an indecisive spring. One day it's sunny and warm, and the next it's gale force winds... and I can't stand wind! Thanks for the love from SF :)

Oooh, Funkis clog news sounds exciting, Saskia... can't wait.

and Laura, my dear, CLOGS! haha! you'll have to take a ride into the city or down to bondi to check them out. The store is so great, clogs lined up like multi-coloured shoe candy. I want them all!