The Sydney Tweed Picnic 2014

The day was glorious, there could not have been a more perfect day for the Tweed event of Sydney this year.  My co-conspirator Adam and I met lovely dapper peeps at pre-arranged meeting spots and had a very enjoyable ride heading towards our grand meeting location of Centennial Park gates.  Below is a few pics of the Inner West meet-up riding together.

Dedication to Tweed saw Miss Victoria rock up after working night shift just to make a Tweedy appearance in the most perfect bow tie before heading off for some much needed sleep.  

We arrived to find a lovely Tweedy contingent ready and waiting at the gates.

Then it was off to find the perfect picnic location.  A task that requires skill, patience and a bit of backtracking...

And then the set up of blankets, the unveiling of food and the friendly banter of Tweedsters getting together took over.

We handed out a few prizes for best dressed, which was very difficult as everyone looked so dapper and fine.

We were very luck to have Emma and Mindy from Cyclette selecting our Tweed ladies.  They made great choices in the winners, who were very happy with their stylish prizes.  Check out their website for all the dapper attire you can handle.

 Martha won a beautiful Cyclette cape with reflective panels.

And looks gorgeous wearing it.

And a lovely handlebar bag for our other finely-attired Tweedster!

Our most stylish couple of the day were delighted to receive a voucher for the Absinthe Salon in Surry Hills, (always a supporter of Tweedy endeavours) and Adam.

The gents were not forgotten, and received bicycle-related books.  Here are the fine fellows below.

What a lovely group of people we had to enjoy the day with.  It was such a pleasure chatting with everyone and I hope your ride home was just as lovely.

Till next Tweed xx


Susan said...

So wonderful to see the Tweed going strong! Such a pity I couldn't make it on the day but a huge and heartfelt thank you to you and Adam for taking on the Tweed mantle and doing it so proud.

Marcus said...

Wonderful photos to re-live the day again and again! Thank you for a great day!

wfih said...

Absolutely smashing! Wish I'd been there...will be sure not to miss the next one xx