Sydney Tweed Picnic 2014

Tweed Picnic at Centennial Park. This is the only Tweed event happening this year and is different to the previous years. We hope you all can make it and represent Sydney dapper cycling internationally. 

Meeting at the Moore Park Entrance to Centennial Park at 12.00pm. We will ride around the park to the Willow Tree Duck Pond near the road that exits to the Queens Park.

There are two casual meeting points if you wish to meet fellow riders beforehand. One is meeting at Wynard Station for 10.30am and the other is meeting outside Fisher Library - Sydney Uni at 11.00am (leaving 11.30).

What to bring: bicycle, helmet (your choice but Rangers will ticket you in Centennial park if you get caught), a picnic, blanket, and whatever else keeps you happy.

We look forward to a lovely dapper social affair, with mutual admiration of bikes and their riders, and a genteel picnic scene.

Hope to see you there!

RSVP and stay up to date on our Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1420532538235087/

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EdwardThirlwall said...

I was visiting a storage in Sydney once and I did see a flyer regarding such a bicycling event. I think it is indeed a good initiative raised by the community to aid the bonding amongst the residents living within the vicinity. It not only supports and encourages leading a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps to strengthen the ties and relationship among one another. More of such events should be supported to further inspire the residents to mingle while exercising.