The Feather Brigade's Photo Booth of Bikeling Fabulousness!

Here they are, finally and fabulously... All the pics from our Woop2 day of madness.  Thank you for visiting our photo booth and raising money for the Asylum Seeker Centre of NSW.  If I got any names confused or mixed up or if you can't copy the picture to your computer send me an email at featherbrigade@gmail.com and I'll get back to you promptly!  If you don't have your name under your picture, its not because we don't love you (we do) but haven't quite finished yet.  I will be editing these over the next few days.  Just wanted to get the pictures to you... Oh and if there is more than one of you, its because I couldn't choose.  Hope you like them!

Yogi - The King of Biking in Sydney!

Simon, who is from the UK and has lost over 100kg through cycling! Wow

Aaron, Potts Point, 10 years of bikeling!

Kate & Rick, Waterloo, "bikeling forever together".

Christine & George, Sydney, "forever" and "since I was like 10."

Alex Greenwich (independent candidate), Jo and Sam.  
Jo used to ride in Melbourne and Sam has been on wheels for 2 years!

Michael, Surry Hills, "Before I could walk."

This gentleman kindly gave me a great Dutch song to listen to about bicycles but I sadly missed his name.  If you send me an email sir...

Yvonne, Darlington, 2 years.

Couldn't agree with you more Yvonne!

Gokulan, Parramatta, 1.5 years.  Gokulan is a man with a mission to bring cycling to those who those who are visually impaired.  This sounds fantastic, here is a link to his events if you wish to know more or might be able to help out.  

Gavin, Kingsford, since he was 15.

Richard, Elizabeth Bay, hardcore for 10 years.

Garry, Brookvale, 42 years of bikeling!

David, Glenbrook, from the age of 7 - 39years.

Oh sorry, but its Clover!

Aaron and family, Surry Hills, Since he was five.  The children, since they were 3. Go boys!

Zen, Potts Point, 3 years.

Sue, Newtown, "born to ride".  Sue is a campaigner for helmet freedom.  You can check out her blog freedomcyclist.blogspot.com

Scott, Waterloo, 3 months.  

Clover Moore (or C-yclingLover Moore, as I like to call her).

So lovely to meet you all and we hope you ding your bell next time you see us bikeling on the streets of Sydney!


Freedom Cyclist said...

aaaahhhh!!!- they're lovely!! xx

MerJa Media said...

Fantastic concept!You really captured the spirit of the day.

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