Why would you?

Last week on Thursday I took the car to work. Yep, I left my bicycle behind and drove. I battled the scary drivers that seem to frequent Cleveland Street through Surry Hills to work. Was it easier, quicker, more enjoyable? Will I be driving more in the future?

More cars made of cake.. I say!

No, and the most simplest reason is time. I assumed like a lot of people driving in a car do... that I was going to get there quicker. Well i did but it was only 5 minutes quicker. Yep 5 minutes. So what is that 5 minutes worth to me?

Well if I was riding my bicycle, those 5 minutes would mean:

I was getting exercise that was fun and meaningful.
I felt alive and part of the world.
I could see the leaves falling from trees and the colours of the sky.
I could smile and engage with others.

In a car those 5 minutes were nothing as I waited at traffic lights looking longingly at others riding through the intersections. And to top it off when I stopped at my cafe for my morning coffee (my regular treat even when riding), I couldn't find a park. So any time gained was lost.

Found a quote to ponder for anyone thinking about that car/bike choice...

"Why should anyone steal a watch when he could steal a bicycle?" ~ Flann O'Brien

Pish Tosh xx

Oh and I forgot to mention that my drive home took 40min. Bikes win against Sydney traffic!!

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