How much can you carry on your bike?

So now we have been relying on our bikes more for everyday chores, as well as bikeling to work (we have a car - but are lucky to use it once a week), and it truly is amazing how much you can fit on your bike with a bit of artful arranging!

L-Pop is a prime example of this. Her basket strains under the weight of her enormous bag, but it's all functional!

Not to mention how on a recent bike ride, spontaneous purchases (read absolute bargains - that you can't leave behind), were simply loaded on and actually made life easier then just walking home with said purchases...

Grocery shopping... No problemo! Just make sure you are balanced...

And the bicycle comes in handy, even for the most simplest of chores... S-boy likes to ride the rubbish to the bin (we live in an apartment block) on his way out. Bikes make chores FUN!

Even going to the ATM is easier. Imagine having to find a carpark just to do this!

So next time you need to tackle a chore, go at it on a bike and find yourself smiling with smug satisfaction (as seen below...).

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