I love Winter. Love it. Love love love! J-bot is the opposite - a huge fan of summer. So when I found this pic of a cape with feathers well it had to be blogged...

via tfs; photographed by Tommy Ton and styled by Aurora Sansone

Not exactly practical for riding a bike... so maybe a toned down version like the one below.


The Lumatwill Cape from Dashing Tweeds

Think bicycle superhero... think cape this winter...

Photo courtsey of unreality mag

Okay don't think bicycle superhero... that may involve the dreaded lycra. So here is a real life bicycle hero... maybe we should be making her a cape?

Photo courtsey of dynamic business

Congratulations to Clover Moore for getting re-elected as Lord Mayor of Sydney. Cycleway Superhero!!


Anonymous said...

Um, she got re-elected as the state member for Sydney. Lord Mayor is a council position.

Just sayin'!

J-bot said...

Oops, of course. Thanks anon.

Either way she is still our Bicycle Super-Hero, and we're pleased she's still around :)