Happy Birthday!

Yesterday was J-Bot's birthday. What do you get a girl who rides a bike called Florence?

Photo from www.spoke.ie

Except we don't wear helmets and I couldn't find the shop that sells it. So the next obvious choice is a pink ukelele... duh!


This easily could be going to be J-bot's first album cover except that she is stiving to become an angsty ukelele artist like this girl...


Now lets compare...


Hmmm J-Bot you have a little way to go yet. Especially when adding your bike into the mix and while wearing your favourite 5-year-old-party-dress.


I tried to find some inspiration for you. I think you will be pleased with the muses I have found for you. To help you identify your own ukelele style!

Elvis is always a classic as is this dapper dude in the suit.

Photo sourced from flavors.me/loveslinus

Photo sourced from guardian.co.uk

What did surprise me was how well ukeleles and bikes go together. Check out this about bikes and ukeleles.

Photo courtsey of bikeandukelele.wordpress.com

I wish you a very happy birthday... and hope you get as much enjoyment out of your ukelele as you do your bike. Only sorry I couldn't get you cake on your birthday so here is a pic of the next best thing!


Pish Tosh xx

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Nancy said...

Ohhh, this is fantastic!!

1 - I want that fabulous feather cape in the first photo

2 - that photo of Jai on her bicycle with the ukelele is WINNING!

NT ;-) x