Uncycling or Unicycling?

Ahh my bike... two wheel fun! I was caught unawares last week while out. Walking down a quiet suburban street in Glebe when a unicyclist passed me travelling on the road. He skillfully turned a corner and then avoided on coming cars. What?!?

Forgive me for my lack of unicycle knowledge but having only seen unicycle acts performed for entertainment (say clowns and those high-pant-wearing-fire-swallowing-juggling-carnies) and not as any form of transport. I had no idea you could propel so well along and without going backwards to stay upright. And of course that is providing you have more coordination and balance then I could ever hope for. I immediately told J-Bot who told me of seeing a LYCRA-CLAD-HELMET-WEARING UNICYCLIST at Manly on the weekend. Photo? Nooo, but she told how he rode casually weaving around traffic up the main street. Whoa!

I have found a photo to recreate this for you here:

This just proves that Lycra looks bad no matter what you ride.

So after registering my disbelief with J-Bot that these people exist I did some research on my numerically-wheel-challenged fellow cyclist. Here is what I discovered...

I found the entertainment types:

Clowns / Trippers

But then I found the riders. People who do it for the challenge, the skill and the means of getting from A to B or to Iceland. Yep Iceland. Check out Florian Kaiser's epic unicycle ride across Iceland. Why? Why ? Why??


So I googled crazy unicyclists.

Hmmm not helping but fitting.

I wondered if I could learn to unicycle to aid my understanding and my balance.

Aaah perfect.

But I needed some inspiration. I wonder if any celebrities have made unicycles look good?

Donald Rumsfeld and Jesus?

Not really, so I tried to think of the positive aspects of unicycling. Then I tried harder and googled more...

Less lycra was a must:


But it all looked so awkward. I mean what do you do with your hands?


Better! But where do you store that? I like this idea...


I am still craving handlebars though. If I was a man I would grow this:


And then hold on to it. Aaah the joys of a handlebar moustache! Like a low rider!
Then thinking of body hair I came up with my rule:

2 Eyebrows - 2 Wheels.
I mean there are just some things you should have two of!


Maybe if I googled feminine unicyclists...

This one reminds me that unicycles are funny and makes
male chauvinism even more funny.

But then I found girls. Gangs of girls. Gangs of girls getting around on unicycles. Check out this group from Japan!


It combines the glory and wonder of sychronised swimming, the atmosphere of gymnastics and cheerleading and when you think it can't get any better it adds unicycles. Perfection!

So while I don't profess to understand it and might occasionally have nightmares about this becoming trendy in Sydney, I do bow my head in respect to the balance-elite, the unicyclist. Although we always have to put the Feather Brigade twist on things...

Like baskets and spokey dokes, pinwheel hats and wings!! And tutus and, and, anything just might be possible...



P.S. Aldi stores in Sydney are currently selling unicycles for $69.95. And ebay is full of them. Oh and I am still yet to click a snap of this elusive breed of cyclist so if you manage to... send a pic our way PLEASE!

Pish Tosh xx


Anonymous said...

I like what you girls do, you have fun you ride your bikes it's cute.

But why o why do you persist in doing the anti "lycra" posts. Who cares what people wear as long as they ride? The more division amongst cyclists and being told "you can't wear that" the less fun the entire scene of cycling looks. Why would anyone take up riding a bike if they think they have to stick to a whole bunch of rules about what you wear?

K-star said...

The whole point of our blog is to show that you don't have to wear "bike clothing" to ride a bike. And hell yes - we are against Lycra. It is a disgusting fabric that should only be worn in the context of swimsuits. :) Sorry but have you seen any pretty Lycra cycling outfits lately? Why shouldn't cycling be asthetically pleasing?

Anonymous said...

You could do the entire blog and yet not mention lycra at all and that would sound so much better than the way you sometimes put it. People wearing lycra are already riding bikes so that's good.

So don't even mention the lycra crew at all and instead point out to everyone who isn't riding how great riding can be.

Better to be seen being fun in all aspects rather than someone pushing hate towards one group just so people will join your group.

K-star said...

Mmm you are reading way too much into things. Who knew serious Lycra-clad cyclists were sensitive and defensive about their chosen form of dress? Dress how you please, cycle how you please! Its all a matter if opinion. I am not anti-Lycra-cyclist. I am anti-Lycra. It's fabric, not personal 