Bike Dress Ups!

So what do you do when a bike magazine wants pictures of you? Breakout the girliness - it was time to play dress ups! Now these pics are only a slight exaggeration of what we wear on our bike but we always want to push the limits of 'cycle wear'.

Yep, that is a tutu.

Yep, that is a kimono and a bad 80's dress.

Add props to make it look all the more impractical...


Remember good bike baskets for lugging your wardrobe around in.


And to give yourselves high-fives for no particular reason other than cheesiness.


This blog post was inspired by Sarah Wilson's blog post "What to wear on your bike?". Our answer is obvious... Anything you damn well want, GRR!

Send us a photo of your zaniest, wildest, craziest outfit that you have ever worn on a bike. You could win a signed poster of everyone's favourite monkey Milky Joe! Send pics to featherbrigade@gmail.com

Pish Tosh xx


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Nancy said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

My favourite is the one with parasols - "look at the pretties!"

By the by...are you girls published now?!

NT ;-) x