Bike Valet Team is GO!

Oh, Sydney Festival, how I love how it transforms the city every summer. Parks become gig venues, streets host art installations, bands and artists from all over the world descend on the city so that every night something is happening. There is a really laid-back sense of pride that our city can be so beautiful and livable.

In the spirit of promoting a sustainable and livable etc. city, K-star and I decided to give a little back to the Syd Fest and volunteered for the fabulous free Bike Valet service that Bike Sydney arranges. (At the very least we thought we'd be able to get a bit of shameless self promotion done...) The bike valet corral is located behind the main stage at the Domain and central to most of the events and venues, you can roll along and drop your bike off and not have to worry about finding a pole/tree/bike park ring.


Yogi was our fearless leader and provided us with lollies, crackers, and ensured we had the skills to park bikes without hurting anyone/thing.

K-star and I soon got down to the serious job of parking bikes, with clipboards and surveys and all. We made sure to practice being efficient and professional.



Then we actually parked some bikes...



Meeting bike people is always fun and there was such a broad cross-section of the cycling community out and about on Saturday evening. If we parked your bike let us know! Did we do a sufficient job? Were we professional, efficient, and friendly? Were you a little freaked out about leaving your bike with some (strange) girls who had flowers and feathers stuck in their hair?

Were you slightly more relieved to see some more responsible looking people valet parking with us, like our previously mentioned supervisor extraordinaire Yogi, and our other valet volunteer Martin?

Martin (bemusedly) looking on as J-bot practices her clipboard/inter-personal skills

Once the lights went down and the music started up, we found we had plenty of time to entertain ourselves and others with some disco light action. Martin's superb photographic skills came into play when we decided we needed a photoshoot.



Our valet parking shift was over before we knew it. If you're thinking about volunteering I highly recommend it. Hang out for a few hours, make some friends, and if you're at all like-minded, dress up a bit! A great night out!



yogi said...

nice one.
great clip board skills there ladies.

Look forward to having you again.

Anonymous said...

now Bike Valet Team is Going and also Sydney Festival, how I love how it ... for the fabulous free Bike Valet service that Bike Sydney arranges. .... Content in this blog belongs to the Feather Brigade unless otherwise statedBikes Sydney