The George Street Cycleway Eggstravaganza was FUN, FUN, FUN!!

Good Friday turned out to be a beautiful day with sunshine and warm air.  The long weekend vibe had taken over Sydney with less cars about and people out enjoying the day.  S-boy and I headed off early to put up clues for the hunt.  We had a lot of fun doing this and got lots of strange looks along the way.

We hid 10 large numbered laminated eggs to find.  These had an activity on the back for our hunters to complete.

Some examples...

Then there were a selection of small Easter Eggs to find and to take a picture of team member next to them.

There were a few secret items on the ride that teams could earn bonus points by finding. 

5 hidden Milky Joe's

A crocheted 'fried egg'.

And a crocheted cat yarn bomb.

Plus two secret categories.. "Most photo bombs" and "The Good Samaritans" (most good deeds).

So on this perfectly sunny day we all met up at Prince Alfred Park and organised teams ready to go...

There were 6 teams in all with two teams not wishing to meet up at the Norfolk after as this was part of a bigger ride for them.  I hope they had a bit of a hunt or at least checked out the cycleway on the way!

Team 2 above - with definitely the best decorated bike of the day and cute puppies along for the ride!

Team 8 - Jake from Sydney Body Art Ride HQ and lovely family!  Check out Jake's great blog on the day here.

Team 13 - otherwise known as 'Team Doge'.  These guys travelled from over near Macquarie Uni way and were full of enthusiasm!

And Team 1 - which was not just Edyta but Kerry and Kerry too!  (Just couldn't find a group pic).

And so everyone set off and with our job done we headed to the Norfolk to wait for them all.  All these pics above and below were taken by the teams as part of the hunt.  They were all kind enough to share them with us.  Here are some action shots:

Take a photo of a 'Hi 5"

Take a photo of 3 bike symbols.

Take a photo of a 'Good Deed'.

Take a photo of the cutest animal you come across..

Clearly the day's winners!

Take a photo of some 'bunny ears'.

Take a photo of a team member on the cycleway.

The WorkShop are also located on the George St Cycleway.  Look them up, they hold all kinds of crafty classes!  We held an egg-decorating competition there as part of the hunt and the winner got a gift voucher!!

Plus there was lots of hilarity to be had with our photobomb egg…

And here are a selection of other eggs found and bonus pics that were too creative and funny not to share…

Then it was off to the Norfolk to hear about everyone's ride and do prizes.  Here were the winners.  

Most clues found: Team 13 (Team Doge)
Most Creative Pictures: Team 1
Most Bonus items found: Team 8
Good Samaritan Award: Team 2
Most Photobombs: Team 13
Workshop Egg: Team 8

This was so much fun to organise, but the best thing of all was everyone who came and showed enthusiasm for biking, cycleways and interacting with the community!! 

Here is an awesome go-pro video made of the day by Team Doge!

Also if you go for a ride along the George Street cycleway make sure to check out the yarn bombing that our teams discovered. This work is done by Queen Babs.  You can find her on instagram under the handle queen_babs.

Happy Easter!!


Em said...

Hmmm I wonder if queen babs could crochet my yuba! I can only ask! lol

K-star said...

Em, your bike looked so amazing already. I like how you are still thinking…"hmm what else?"!

wfih said...

Looks like it was such a fabulous day - this is sure to become a cult event! Never to miss out on again shall I!