Roll with it...

Had a blast at the Frock N Roll bike ride this morning.  What a lovely group to ride with and a very mellow route that ended at the Sydney Rides Festival at Sydney Park.  Thank you to Victoria from the  Bicycle Garden for organising this!

Frocks are for everyone!

Loving Philippa's DIY crafty basket!

What an attractive crowd!

Looking lovely ladies!

Love the leafy ride under the trees of Surry Hills.

Ollie being a true bicycle garden star, carrying flowers that were sweetly given to all as a welcome.

S-boy made new friends.

 Then not long after the Cargo Bike ride joined us at the Sydney Rides Festival..

The deck chairs were a fabulous idea!

Loved the bike n blend too!

So our contribution to the festival this year?  Well we always like to make it different so this year it was a yarn bomb.  This perfectly mixes my two loves craft and bikes.  To make it even more fun, the granny squares I used were my 25 squares recieved from the Dellicious Granny Square Swap!  What am I going on about?

Well you make 25 squares (we did 6" ones).  These are mine.

Then you get 25 squares back from 25 different people.  

These are then yours to make whatever you like out of...

So I made a little something extra...

And so using the squares I spelled out the word "Roll!"

I thought it would be nice for the ladies involved in the swap to have their work noted in some way.

I hope they like it too!


Anonymous said...

That was quick! Great photos. And I love the granny squares too! Thanks for a lovely post <3

wfih said...

ps can you put another link for the granny square swap - I'd love to pitch in! (the link here is a closed group) thanks.

Victoria said...

Hi! It's Vic from the Frock and Roll. It was so nice to you! I LOVED the yarn bombing and had I known you were responsible I'd have chased you down to tell you in person! Keep me posted on crafty hijinks please; I'm a furious knitter but would love to do more guerrilla knitting around town.
My Instagram and ravelry handles are both vicbond.


K-star said...

Hi Chem,
The group is a closed group on facebook but if you ask to join (i think there is a button to do so) then I am sure you will be approved Everyone is very friendly!

Thanks for the ride, I found it very helpful in connecting more of the cycle lanes of Alexandria in my head as well as meeting all the lovely folks. Oooh fun to find another guerilla knitter! Finding you on instagram now, and heres to more crafty hijinks in the future!! Big fan of Bicycle Garden too!!