Viva la Vivid!

Note to the general population of Sydney: The best way to travel into Vivid is indeed by bike!

Judging by the reports of traffic chaos, streets at a standstill and buses unable to service the population, all other people of Sydney suffered extreme gridlock in order to see the very beautiful Vivid festival this year. We, not only did it by bike, but we did it in style and ease! It was a successful night, and though we lost a few people due to the wet weather postponement, the people that came - ROCKED!  Enthusiastic, glowing and ready to ride, we gathered!


After we figured we'd caused enough of a spectacle outside Syd Uni Library, we headed off. Zoe, who made the heroic ride from Kingsford on her brompton, no doubt set records to meet us just in, and we were so thrilled. Arjanna (I hope I spelled your name right), was our first lovely random who joined us because she heard about it while riding home that night. The fun can be seen on everyone's faces- except maybe Chris (but that's because he is happy on the inside and because Nadia projected expressions on his behalf).

Combine lots of lights and night-time, bike-mounted photography and you get cool effects like ghosting, and light beams, and we have never been shy about our love for bizarre, trippy photographic effects.



Group shot of fabulousness...  

Group shot of fabulousness... now with added light effects!

We got such a great reaction from those we passed - pedestrians and cars. We had our photos snapped, were joined randomly by cyclists who just thought we looked fun and were curious about what we were up to and gawked just generally at by everyone!

 Vivid ride, check. Then off to play a gig at Oxford Arts Factory. A perfect night? Quite possibly... (check out Go/No-Go!)

I never caught your name but I am glad you caught us randomly along the way!

Nadia's Vivid face!

Mr Peter Baker - man of google wizardry and part-time pedicab rider as well as social ride organiser and random-gatherer.  Check out his upcoming Winter Solstice ride here!

And now for some of the sights of Vivid Festival 2013!

Thank you to all the lovely people who came along.  We hope to see you riding with us in the future.  We had great fun handing out the prizes and thank you for all your efforts to look amazing!  Will we do it next year?  Hells-yes!

Oh, and Kerry I know how much you love rats so I had to put your photo in the middle of this swarm of light up Vivid rats!

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Christopher Capewell said...

You were right, I was having a good time on the inside.

Great pics!