Perfect Picnic Fun!

The weather on the day of our Need for Tweed Picnic could not have been better.  Finally after long months of poor picnic weather resulting in many picnics cancelled we were bike-picnic-packed and ready to go.  Of course like all great events that aren't so widely promoted only the best people turned up, the real hard-core tweeders.  The ones that can attend next year's Tweed Ride knowing with smug satisfaction, that they are truly tweedy to the core!

Dapper Tweedy fellows

So nice to see bikes packed for picnics...

We were lucky enough to have Bruce (on left) join us all the way from San Francisco (you know he probably came all that way solely because of our bike-picnic reputation - haha).  And the wonderful Yogi who is like a Berocca for any bike occasion (fun - and effervescent!).  Note his tweedy socks!

We made a new Tweedy friend with Adam, who looked like he had been born in tweed and then impressed us no end with his moustache and divinely elaborate absinthe ritual... 

The dapper looking gent below is Garry who Tweeds like no other, with a lovely kitted out bike to match (his is the Pashley with wine rack holder pictured above).  Then I committed the ultimate folly and forgot to get a proper picture of the marvelous Kerry decked out in Tweed only having the one below.  This is a crime for two reasons, one because Kerry looked awesome but also because this is the least colourful that one ever sees Kerry.  Aaah Kerry I do apologise and promise to be more photo-efficient in the future!

Darling Fred (not his real name - but very suitable) was kitted out so well that I felt only a photo on the bike would do his pants justice. Pants sourced from Ebay no less, but now made Darlng Fred's own by the flair with which he wore them!

Also in attendance was L-Pop and Milky Joe, although they arrived separately the chemistry between them was palpable... Both looked stunning.

J-bot spent the entire picnic jumping with joy at the sunshine...  Twas exhausting to watch but great to admire her tweed cape in action...

S-boy did what he is best at and moodily posed for Tweedy profiles..

Then like all our picnics, things got a little kooky...

And while it is always sad to see a picnic end, there is always the bike ride home to cheer you up.

Bruce had further to go then the rest of us - thanks for coming all the way from San Fran man!

Oh there I am!

What a dapper day!

Pish tosh xx

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