Bondi Beach Cruisers

So I know, I know! It's been a while... Our adventures have been few and far between this wet, windy, busy winter. Pesky real-life gets in the way of our goal to spread the bike love across the population, like some sort of contagious disease- except happier and better dressed, on wheels...

Considering it is now officially not winter (hooray!), I thought it was about time the Feather Brigade shared the love for Bondi Beach Cruisers. If you're on the internets and like bikes, you've probably already seen this, but I feel compelled to re-blog because I love their trailer! What a great vibe! Can't wait for summer. Bare feet, wearing swimmers everyday, picnics, long evenings... Plus the CutCopy soundtrack puts me in a dancey, party mood.

Oh, what a fantasy. Bikes, beach, booze, boys... I now have crazily high expectations for this summer.

Go here for Bondi Beach Cruisers.

Go here for more CutCopy.

Come back here for more bike love. I promise it won't be so long until next time...


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