Tweed Ride 2011

Twas a lovely Sunday, beautiful and sunny which was lucky because we have never dragged ourselves out of bed so early for a bike ride. But this was the Sydney Tweed Ride and our reward was the sight of hundreds of dapper gents and ladies on beautiful bikes descending upon ye old Town Hall...

It was bikeling paradise.

If you must wear a helmet, either own it - like this beauty, or disown it like J-bot (below).

Milky Joe in a Tweed twin-set.

Kidlet tweed.

Stylish quirky attire was matched by the number of gorgeous and eccentric bikes...


Bourke Street cycleway had never seen such splendor!

So within two minutes of being at the Tweed Ride, I felt I had developed an attention disorder, so overwhelmed I was by the sheer effort and amount of detail put into each Tweedie's outfit and ride. So I just snapped... loads of pictures that is.

Will, the man who crochets (see scarf!).

So glad Bob Dylan could make it..

Congrats to MC Cyclery and Rocket Fuel for making the day huge as these huge photos prove! They did a splendid job..



Sydneysiders had certainly seen nothing like it as we rode to Tweedom (ha!).

Sydney's most infamous rider!


Believe it or not but the tangerine bike is called 'Dave'.

So what did we wear? Well the big revelation for me was that looking around at the Feather Brigade peeps, we realised that we weren't really dressed different from our normal day wear (see blog). In fact, everyone's clothes were stuff we had in our wardrobes and worn on our bikes before.

So we added parasols to make an effort...

And how should a good Tweed Ride end? With a picnic.. Just follow this dude!



And while aiming for some guerilla tweed action to celebrate our 100th blog, I may have got it a little wrong...

Or maybe just right.

Pish tosh xx

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yogi said...

Glad you had a great time.
Unfortunately I was.. umm in Europe someplace and well, I thought of you guys and stuff but thought I had better get on with touring another coffee house.