A Vivid Night of Lights!

Wow... We are still recovering from the buzz of our bike ride to Vivid. All our lovely attendees did a fabulous job of pimping up their bikes with lights. Such a good job in fact that many people thought we were part of Vivid ourselves ("What exhibit no. are you?) or trying to sell glow sticks ("How much?"). Believe me we could have made a fortune! The crowds made things a bit difficult when we go to Circular Quay (next year we will head in a bit later), but it was worth it to hear the exclamations of astonishment as we went past and the looks of amazement from small children everywhere! The ride itself was fun, with bells ringing we cruised by gawking bystanders at Darling Harbour and then around the Rocks to Circular Quay! Sadly we did have to park our bikes as their were so many people about but I wonder how many people took a photo of them all locked together lit up like a Christmas tree. Check out the pics...

J-Bot with fairylights on Florence

Darling Fred on his gorgeous new bike... a glow stick bike birthday!

The lovely Sister Abernathy, my girl.

S-boy's ride... trippy like him.

The effervescent Kerry!

Miss Nina's wild ride, more fairylights ta da!

A glow stick attachment frenzy went on and the night only got brighter!

Bike decorations were as individual as their owners!

Even my witch celebrated by donning a light saber.

The gorgeous Kerry, a true lady and our bike-buddy-to-all friend Yogi's ride.

Group Shots!

Then it was time to check out the lights of Vivid while confusing the hoards around us who still thought we were part of the exhibits themselves...

Proof - Kerry takes her bike everywhere!

J-Bot lit up like a Christmas tree next to Darling Fred.

Yogi and Kerry showing us how bikes are always part of the action.

Oh Darling Fred you look so dapper here!

J-bot doing her best impression of the Statue of Liberty.

Customs house... just a little light change makes all the difference.

Bike sweatshop in order to power the lights.

Kerry joined in to help.

Yogi styling it up, working it.

Kerry's most tripper lights.

Miss L-Pop riding in style, nice beanie Miss!

The city looked amazing as did all the other Vivid lights!

Ohhh thank you to everyone for coming and making a Feather Brigade dream come true. Ever since we got our bikes we have wanted to do an insane Bike Light up, and well you all made it happen spectacularly. We can't wait to do it to our bikes again!

Pish Tosh xx


mouldfield said...

Wish my kids and I had been there. Beautiful.

Peter Craig said...

Lovely blog, Kathy, and well done, promoting the bike lifestyle! Have you had a look at my blog, www.farawayproject.wordpress.com ?
See you in the park! Peter.