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Two new bikes were added to the herd at our place this week. In anticipation of this joyous event, and to keep us occupied while the bikes were being put together, we decorated our baskets so they'd be ready to go when we picked up our new wheels.

There's something really wholesome about seeing a bike with a nice basket attached, and I don't necessarily mean a fancy basket. Just something sturdy, a good size, something that elevates the simple bike into the perfect vehicle for local trips to the shops, to the park, to the uni; something that's just the right size for a traditional, crusty, french baguette (ho ho hoh! insert french laugh/exclamation here)

I like how, with a little embellishment, the basket becomes an extension of the cyclist's style, and isn't stylish cycling what we're all about? Bike baskets are a canvas waiting for the proverbial glue gun and diamontes of inspiration to heat up strike! I'd like to encourage everyone to start expressing their personal style through their bike baskets. Take these two for example, What is being expressed?

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Well... for starters the owners of these baskets clearly have a little too much spare time on their hands (and are a few screws short). Apart from that, you get a very obvious sense of two different styles. It's a representation of the cyclist's love of objects, charms, knick-knacks. Flowers can be pulled off, ribbon can be un-strung and in a month these baskets will probably look nothing like they do now... it's an evolving statement of personal style...

For now though, I simply added flowers, flowers, and more flowers to my little back-rack basket- like a frothy, pink, plastic garden- too pretty and too over the top, love it.

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K got really creative, working with her purple and red colour scheme... It started with a little witch, the mascot sitting on the front and now includes ribbons, gems, crocheting, we have a basket liner in the works too!

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S has a great sized back-rack basket. We helped make it a real man's basket the only way we knew how...

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Hot. I want those pants (except not).

Plus, a bugle horn, fantastic!

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More about new bikes soon...


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